What to Look for in an Automatic Espresso Machine

by Keith

There are so many reasons to have your own automatic espresso machine at home. There is that instant jolt of energy you get each morning when you sip from your coffee cup, as well as the ability to entertain friends and family who come over in style by serving them espresso after meals and with desserts, and so many other reasons, too. Such a machine will truly make your days and evenings easier and more enjoyable. What is not always easy, however, is finding that perfect machine for your home.

So just what do you look for when you are shopping around for an automatic espresso machine?

Automatic Espresso Machine Features

The features on such a machine can really make or break your experience, but of course the higher-end features come with a higher price tag. There are some features you really will want your machine to have, regardless of your budget. These include the ability to program your beverage to brew at a certain time, the ability to control your beverage with different cup sizes and different strengths of brewing, and maybe even a built-in coffee grinder, too. You likely also want to find a machine that is easy to program and easy to clean for added convenience with regular use.

How Much Should I Pay?

Delonghi Magnifica

If you are on a limited budget when shopping for an automatic espresso machine, you may find that there are a few great models priced under $500. However, if you want to enjoy a true barista-like experience at home and absolutely love your espresso (and you’re willing to spend around $700), the Delonghi Magnifica machines can’t be beaten.

There are several different Magnifica models available at a variety of price points, but this brand is generally loaded with features that make it easier than ever to really get the barista experience right in your own home.


Who wants to spend money to have an eyesore sitting on their kitchen counter? Let’s face it, you are investing in an automatic espresso machine for your own use but also to entertain with when friends and family come over.

You want this machine to really look fabulous sitting on your counter and for it to be a real conversation piece.  There are some truly sleek, stylish machines that feature a modern look and other machines that have a more retro, old-world charm to them. You can absolutely find a great machine that looks fabulous in your kitchen and that makes it easy and simple to brew your own espresso.

Where to Shop

Now, you can absolutely find a few automatic espresso machine models in most local retail stores that sell traditional coffee makers. However, if you want to enjoy ease in shopping as well as a great selection of models to choose from, you will want to take time to order online. From the comfort of your own home, you can peruse dozens of models in a matter of minutes, compare features, and prices, and then make your purchase. Within days, it can be shipped right to your door, and you can be enjoying that drink you love so much.

Amazon have a great selection of automatic espresso machines, most with free delivery.

if you’re still unsure, try reading our Delonghi Magnifica review for a better idea of what you’ll get.

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