Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead: A Movie To Scare You Into Action

by Keith

Have you been thinking of how to change your lifestyle drastically in the last several months or years? Do you lack the motivation to do so? Join the club. You’re human!

Well, there is no better way of achieving the desired lifestyle than watching the Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead movie and getting inspired to do so. Interestingly, this movie has an unusual storyline because it deviates from what we see in mainstream movies, or the sort of movies that come from Hollywood.

The story revolves around the lives of two men who are experiencing health problems because of the influence of steroids, obesity, and illness. Simply put, it recounts the rigorous path of healing that these two gents take which includes a 2 month diet of fruits and vegetables. Both actually attempt to reverse the degrading effects with the aim of salvaging their health.

Story Line

This documentary sort of movie brings into sharp focus the life of Joe Cross, a likeable guy from Australia, who has a system that is loaded with steroids. Matters are worsened by the fact that he also suffers from an autoimmune disease. Although he has worked real hard to become a successful business guy, he spends much time creating wealth and his sedentary lifestyle takes toll on his health.

Joe is not the average athletic guy, but a heavy 325lbs mass of flesh and fat.

Joe is at the end of his wits and of course lost all hope. He sees himself in a mirror and what does he see? He sees the reflection of a man who has abnormal gut- larger than a beach ball. Not only that, he was haunted by the thought of dying with one foot on the grave already. This film chronicles the awe inspiring personal mission of Joe to recover his health.

It becomes apparent that doctors and conventional treatments fail Joe in the long-term and so he resorts to the only option that is left- rigorous juicing. In desperation, he parts ways with junk and commits himself to a life of juicing. He vows to drink fresh fruit juice and eat vegetables only for 60 days. This becomes his key motivation throughout the period.

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Even so, he doesn’t appear to gripe about this drastic move, but instead, he focuses on building success. Anyway, he’s happy to lose weight while travelling 3000 miles and also hopes to cut dependency on medication. In his journey he talks to a few hundred Americans about food.


Motivation and Lesson

Whether you have watched it or just heard the story from someone else, you can’t help but feel obliged to empathize with these two struggling men. The fact that they go against all odds to overcome the perennial problem associated with poor lifestyle and diet will certainly draw your interest and perhaps compel you to follow suit.

Well, the important lesson is that most people who found themselves in a cul-de-sac need to endeavour to drastically change their lives and more so Americans. It will certainly help you to know that you need to take care of yourself and seek progress, if need be.

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