5 Steps to A Good Juice Diet

by Keith

A juice diet can be an important strategy of regaining good health especially for obese individuals and anybody who is struggling with abnormal weight.

Unlike solid foods which have to be digested first before being absorbed, juices simplify the process of digestion by allowing quick absorption of dense nutrient rich substances. The juice may be taken regularly or for a specific period of time in the case of a strict juice fast.

Regardless of the period or purpose, it is advisable to get the steps right in order to get the desired results effectively. The steps you should follow in your diet are highlighted below.

Step 1- Cut Down Consumption of Solid Foods

For a beginner, the best thing to do is to reduce intake or avoid the consumption of solid foods and drugs. Actually, this should be done a week before you start on your juice diet. Besides the solid food, you should also avoid the consumption of alcohol or caffeinated drinks.

Step 2- Select a Good Juicer

Once you eliminate the solid foodstuff, you should buy a good juicer either locally or order it from online vendors. These appliances range in price, but the most important considerations are the ease of using them, cleaning, and the speed or rate of juice production. Also, consider the capacity/functionality of the unit and whether it can handle most kinds of fruit and vegetables. Anyway, most electric juicers will work just fine.

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Step 3-Buy Organic Fruits and Vegetables

It goes without saying that once you have bought the juicer, you will be predisposed to buying fruits and vegetables for juice extraction. Although there is a variety of fruit that you can extract juice from comfortably, you should note that some of them don’t offer you the luxury to extract juice easily because of high fiber content. These fruits include bananas, peaches, apricots, pears, and papayas.

Step 4 – Drink Water and Juice Daily

Don’t forget to drink a glass of water each morning as you wake up. If you are fasting, then abstain from consuming solid food throughout the fasting period instead, drink purified water and juice. You should drink 32-65 oz. of juice each day.

Step 5- Create a Variety of Fruit and Vegetable Juices

It is almost impossible to stick to a single fruit juice fruit diet for a long time and therefore, you should include a variety of fruits and vegetable juices. The most popular mixtures include orange and grapefruit, apple and watermelon.  You can also try any other combination that you find palatable. These fruits and vegetables have a high concentration of natural enzymes.

In conclusion, the process of using a juice diet is pretty much straightforward. Juices supply important enzymes to enhance detoxification in the body. The good thing with an all-fruit juice diet is that it is assimilated quickly in to the body. You can also select a variety of fruits for regular or occasional use and this depends on your preference.

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