Best Automatic Espresso Machine: Delonghi Magnifica Review

by Keith

“Read why the Delonghi Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso Machine is Rated the Best”

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee MachineFirst off, the Delonghi Magnifica line of espresso makers is a series of super automatics. For the sake of brevity, I will quickly describe what a super automatic is, but leave the specific features for a little later.

A super automatic espresso machine is simply, or complexly, depending on how you look at it, a machine that is capable of creating your favorite coffee beverage from start to finish. That is, from whole bean to finished beverage at the push of a button.

Virtually all super automatics, the Magnifica line-up included, offer a plethora of features beyond the standard description.

(Note: The most popular Magnifica is the ESAM3300. You can check out today’s price at Amazon by clicking here)


DeLonghi has done a commendable job of creating a variety of options for the consumer. They have gone about creating machines that, at their core, offer the same basic functionality and yet for those willing to part with more money, can have some truly innovative and impressive features.There are many Magnifica models in the line-up, but we will look at the ESAM 3300 as the benchmark as it is the most popular choice with 4 out of 5 stars the average customer review. While it is not the most, or least expensive model, it’s obvious that it ticks all the right boxes when buyers are going over features.

So Which is the Cheapest Delonghi Magnifica?

So what does the ESAM 3300 offer exactly?

  • A lovely, compact cabinet (and with no digital display to assault the visuals, this machine looks the business)
  • DeLonghi boasts a patent file on their boiler design so heat distribution and ideal temperature results
  • Adjustable height coffee spigots that allow for tall mugs, demitasse and whatever in between
  • Exclusive ability to empty grounds and fill water tank without moving the machine
  • An instant reheat function
  • An integrated burr grinder with quiet operation and settings (pre-ground coffee can be used as well)
  • Heated cup tray
  • Fully adjustable front panel controls for setting functions and preferences
  • Stainless removable double boiler for easy clean-up
  • Patented cappuccino system that rotates 180 degrees for use with different size milk containers
  • Three hour automatic shut-off
  • Water-level indicator
  • Electronic thermostats for both steam and coffee
  • Automatic programs for rinse and decalcification
  • Removable drip tray
  • Automatic tamper so you don’t have to buy a separate tamper and do it yourself

Other models in the Italian designed and manufactured line-up as mentioned, offer differences in features that include a digital screen that displays the time as well as adding functionality like setting start time, auto off time, water hardness, temp, and coffee strength.

One cool feature that the EAM 3500 has is a detachable milk tank.The tank can be stored in the refrigerator, and when connected to the machine adds automatic frothing to the mix, automatic cleaning too.

As noted previously, there are quite a few different Magnifica models to choose from, and the price gap between the least expensive to the most is enough to make you swoon.

Think of it like you were purchasing a Ferrari, sure, you want the car, but do you really need the $900.00 floor mats?

With that said, all of the most important features, at least in my opinion, can be found in the ESAM 3300. It’s not surprising then, that you will find very consistent positive customer reviews associated with the model.


It’s always interesting to me when a manufacturer points out a specific quality in a product. Here DeLonghi says specifically that their burr grinder is quiet in operation and in the customer reviews, even in the positive ones, it is pointed out over and over that it is loud!

In fact, one owner went so far as to add automotive sound insulation inside his machine to quell the noise! Oh well, I can’t imagine this being a deal breaker for the dedicated crowd of coffee lovers who would buy this well received maker.

Speaking of dedicated, I was terrifically surprised to see people compare the Magnifica super automatics more than once, to the high quality super manual Rancilio brand of espresso makers. Owners point out that users of the manuals would sniff at the super autos, and I agree. But it really makes me want to try out the Magnifica.

The positive comments are many and as you might imagine are centered on things like:

  • “Perfect crema, every time!”
  • “…consistent, easy to use…”
  • “Steamer wand does an amazing job…”

There are some negative reviews as well.

It would seem that the Magnifica line-up is a bit of a hit or miss product. While the positive reviews overwhelm the negative, people generally rated the product very high, or very low. The very low reviews almost invariably involved breakage, or malfunction of some sort. Repair under warranty was also a concern.

I do not want to detract from the manufacturer’s reputation for quality too much as, again, most consumers were extremely satisfied with their purchase, but the concern is there. One consumer pointed out that super automatics have many moving parts that can fail, and that does make sense to me.

One final word on what has been said about these makers: Most felt that the cup warming feature, that is, the warming plate, is of little to no use.

This is another instance of a probable non-issue, but I thought I’d include it in case you had your heart set on that feature for some reason.You can read the customer reviews here.


Founded in 1902, the DeLonghi Company got its start as a small industrial parts manufacturing workshop. The Italian firm found success, then went on to famously manufacture portable air conditioners, and many domestic appliances.

In 2007, the DeLonghi Esclusivo line of kitchen appliances won the sought after Red Dot design award, and is now known for its impressive espresso makers.


“Anticipate, identify, study and understand the needs of the consumer, to be always one step ahead in what we do. Satisfy the needs of the consumer with concrete and functional solutions, to always ensure a perceivable added value to any product. Reinforce or achieve the brand leadership in any activity, becoming the benchmark for the market. Concentrate on those products aimed at favoring a sustainable and pleasant lifestyle at home.”

That pretty much sums it up, moving along. I’ll assume you’re not averse to having a pleasant lifestyle at home ;)


  • Power: 1150 watts
  • 120v 60Hz
  • Water: 60 ounces / 1.8 liters
  • Beans: 7 ounces


  • H 14” x L 11” x D 15.25”


  • One year limited warranty


DeLonghi uses a flash heavy interface so it’s meant to be slick, but as is usually the case with flash based sites, it is a bit clumsy (you can download Flash here if you need it to view the website).

In comparison to competitor sites, the actual information that is available is rather slim. On one hand, this is a bit of a letdown, but on the other hand, you are buying the machine, not their website.What you will find is:

  • A link to their Twitter page here
  • A link to their Facebook presence here
  • A PDF file of the manual for the product here
  • A PDF file for technical data

There are also the usual accessories pages, a link to services and a YouTube hosted site that has various product videos for you to peruse.


For the ESAM 3300 the list price is $1,260 but you should never pay that for it. In fact if you’re paying more than $800 then shop around some more. We’ve found that Amazon usually offer the best deal on this machine.


Choosing the right espresso maker is never an easy proposition, especially when you factor in a hefty price tag. I like one gentleman’s analogy, he compares buying a super automatic over a manual to that of a smoker who buys or rolls his own cigarettes.

For the connoisseur who simply does not have the time/patience/skill/want/need/whatever to warrant the purchase of a manual, the Delonghi Magnifica represents a stellar option.

In the same way that automated moving parts, in their various forms, have always fascinated people, and coupled with our need for convenience, the super automatics meteoric rise in popularity over the last decade is hardly surprising.

However, even if you’re not interested in all of that rubbish the DeLonghi Magnifica, it would appear, does one other very thing well. It makes a fantastic espresso.

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