Best Kitchen Appliances

Here at the Sudbury Review we’re working on bringing you the best buying guides and kitchen appliances reviews.naumi hotel auckland Choosing the best kitchen appliances is tricky these days with so many websites to choose from.

But the internet also brings us the ability to see what other people are saying about the things they have in their kitchen.

On our to-do list at the moment are espresso machine reviews including what we think is the best automatic espresso machine in terms of functionality and value. We’ll also have toaster oven reviews (including the bestseller, the Breville BOV800xl) and juicer reviews.

A lot of people wonder what the juicer is from Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (a movie). Well, it’s a Breville Juicer and we’ve written a review of it.

Looking for the best stand mixer for your kitchen? Check out our Kitchenaid Stand Mixer review. Don’t buy it before reading our review.

For the budding home economists and food preserving enthusiasts amongst you we have written some useful pressure canner reviews to help you buy the right one.

We spend a lot of the time on the internet! If one of our contributing forex editors does not actually own the piece of equipment in question then they spend extra time researching what customers have said about it.

Even if they do own the appliance they still spend hours in forums, on e-commerce sites and on the manufacturer’s site gathering opinions, stats and facts.

We tend to look for the best products out there and usually only review great quality appliances that are easy to maintain, will last a long time and aren’t too difficult to use or clean. Like that beautiful Breville espresso machine you see pictured. It’s a virtual 5 start product on Amazon (4.7 I think).

Cooks! Check Out The New Kindle Fire

The Amazon AppStore has some excellent cooking apps and now they’ve release a cheap tablet computer that will work really well in the kitchen. It’s called a ‘Fire’ and you might be thinking that you might buy Kindle Fire for Christmas as a gift or just for yourself!

We’ll be doing a review of it in the New Year to see if it’s a good addition to the kitchen.

So, have a look around and let us know what you think if you buy one of the products mentioned.

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